Robocar Poli Kids Towel

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Customized towel embellished with machine embroidered name and cute Robocar Poli embroidery for your kids. You can choose your favorite color and Robocar Poli character from the options.

Size assorted (see options below)
Materials kids towel (100% cotton)
  • colour:  assorted (see options below)
  • embroidery font: choose here (optional)
  • 1 embroidered kids towel
  • machine embroidered wordings & image
  • customized name (max. 12 letters -- if more than 12 letters, please contact us for price)
  • 100% stitched
  • a perfect gift for babies and kids
  • made in our smoke-free and pet-free home in Malaysia


We offer different towel quality. Quality indicator for towels is measured in GSM (grams-per-square-meter).

GSM refers to the fabric weight and density of your towel in grams-per-square-meter. A towel with a higher GSM measurement is thicker and plusher than one with a low GSM, meaning it can absorb more water due to the higher pile. But it takes longer to dry.

The main categories of GSM are as follows:

  •  (300-400 GSM) : The towel is lighter and thinner. But depending on its use, you might want a lower GSM for travelling as it has quick-drying qualities.
  •  (400-600 GSM) : This is medium weight towel. It is normally used for bath towels and guest towels.
  •  (600-900 GSM) : A premium, luxury weight towel. The towel will be denser, heavier, more absorbent. It will take a little longer to dry.

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